V6->V8 Engine Conversion

January/2006 - Body Work 
Since the bad carma ball joint event, I put more miles on the car and finally things seem safe and steady. A special situation came up and I had the opportunity to work with a new body shop to have them repaint the car, getting rid of the rust areas the right way by cutting them out and welding in new metal.


The drivers door rust on the bottom was so bad, it was easier locating a door in the junk yard that was in better shape.


February/2006 - Naked car, primed and off to the paint booth. 


March/2006 - Back from the paint booth! 


April/2006 - Finished car, back home, with bottom panel Cougar Decals 


June/2006 - Interior Work  New carpet & seat install. Seats from a 93 Mustang.


Customizing inside door panels with carpet


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